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Warmth and Shelter
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Adventurer Tinder Quik Fire Tabs are the perfect complement to your Spark Lite Aviation Survival Fire Starter, or any fire starter, and assure you of plenty of fire starting ability. Each Tinder Quik Fire Tab is specially treated to ensure that the cotton is waterproof and provides more than enough burn time to start a fire.
This Waterproof Match Holder is designed for regular matches that you wish to keep dry. A waterproof match case is a necessity for every survival kit. What good are matches if you cannot keep them dry and undamaged? This Water Proof Match Case does the job so that your matches are ready when you need them.
WetFire™ Tinder Cubes burn at over 1300 degrees yet cool almost instantly when snuffed out. A small pile of shavings is enough to start a camp or survival fire, warm your hands, or pre-heat a backpacking stove. Wet Fire Tinder comes in 8 individually wrapped cubes per package.
The Fresnel Lens Fire Starter is more commonly known as a credit card magnifier. However, our version has 4 power magnification making it a great fire starter. The Best Glide Fresnel Lens Fire Starter comes with a red protective case or with our green Adventurer Series Survival Equipment case. Call for bulk pricing. ATTENTION:  If this is the only product you are purchasing, save the minimum UPS Shipping Charge, set by UPS, and have us send this US Mail.  Please call and we will be happy to ship by this much less expensive method.
NATO Survival Matches are the finest waterproof survival matches available anywhere at any price. These matches are issued to troops around the globe. Once ignited, these windproof survival storm matches are more like small flares than matches and burn intensely for approximately 12 seconds. They cannot be blown out. You can actually drop them into water and these survival matches will continue to burn. These NATO Storm Survival Matches come 25 to a tube or in a small flat pack of 10 and a striker. Buy two tubes of 25 at a discount!
The Esbit Stove and Cookset is relatively new to the Esbit Stove line. The Esbit Stove and Cookset is constructed from hard, anodized aluminum and includes a 19.8 fl. oz pot, lid and windshield stove unit. The Esbit Pocket Stove, another high quality stove from Esbit, has been used my militaries for years.
Beeswax Survival Candles are great emergency and survival candles. Made from natural beeswax, and made in the USA, these candles burn longer than normal candles. A survival candle is not just for light and heat, in extreme conditions, it may be your best bet at starting a fire. Made in USA!
The USGI Military Issue Mosquito Net and Skeeta Tent are designed to be used with or without a cot and with or without a mosquito field net bar. The design allows for numerous ways to "pitch" this mosquito net, which includes numerous nylon ribbons at the sides and corners. This design can even be used inside a military pup tent as the shape is designed to form to the inside of the tent, if you wish. If we run out of a version described here, that choice will be removed from the Choose Condition and Net selection location until new inventory has been received. U.S. Military Issue and Made in the USA!
The Patrol Sleeping Bag, Military Issue, is part of the Military Modular Sleep System. However, it works just as well on its own in warmer climates. The Patrol Sleeping Bag, rated for 30 to 50 degree temperatures, is light weight. At about 2.2lbs, you can carry this just about anywhere. The Patrol Sleeping Bag is a great cool and warm weather sleeping bag.  When it gets to warm, sleep on top and use the Patrol Sleeping Bag as a sleeping mat.  At this price, you just cannot go wrong.
This Genuine Military Issue Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag is made of water resistant, rip stop nylon and is designed for cold weather climates.  It is rated to be used in temperatures between +30 degrees to -10 degrees.  Because of its padding, it also makes a great sleeping pad if you are in warmer weather and choose to sleep on top of it instead of in it.
The U.S. Government Issue Bivy Cover will keep you warm and dry even in the worst conditions. It was designed for soldiers who could not simply move to shelter in bad weather.  Because it is made of high quality Gore Tex material, it will keep you warm and dry yet remain breathable. The Genuine Military Issue Bivy Cover is great for campers, hikers and survivalists alike. Made in USA Genuine US Military Issue NSN:  8465-01-416-8517
The Strike Master K7 Magnesium Fire Starter is the "big brother" to the K1 "Sparky" Fire Starter and like the K1 Fire Starter, is made of a stick of flint and a stick of magnesium fused into one unit. This allows one to produce very hot, easily started fires. The K7 Magnesium Fire Starter by Strike Master Survival Tools is operated by using the included scraper to shave magnesium flakes into a pile, then again using the scraper on the flint side of the K7 Fire Starter to ignite the magnesium.
The Military Sleep System, a 4 Part Modular Sleep System,  is a military issue sleep system designed for almost all conditions including rain, snow, warm and cold weather. It includes an Military Issue Intermediate Cold Weather Sleeping Bag, Warm Weather Sleeping Bag, Bivy Cover and a Compression Stuff Sack. Our Military Sleep Systems are genuine military issue and come in two conditions; New/Like New and Very Good. The USGI Military Sleep System is issued NSN 8465-01-445-6274 and is Made in the USA. The Camo Green Patrol Bag, Black Intermediate Sleeping Bag, Camo Waterproof Bivy Cover and the Military Black Stuff Sack may also be purchased separately.