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Overwater Operations
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The Orion Dye Marker is useful on both land and sea and creates a luminescent green area of up to 50 feet. A signaling dye marker is a perfect addition to your signal kit and also as an individual signal that can be affixed to PFD's and used on PWC's. The Orion Land Sea Dye Marker is offered here as a single 1 oz Orion Dye Marker.
The NATO Survival Whistle, or NATO Distress Whistle, is small enough to be carried anywhere and features a side clip so that it may be affixed to any available cloth to include clothing, life raft straps and life vests. This particular NATO Distress Whistle, because of its low cost and high dependability, can be found on life preservers and cruise ships around the world.
The ACR Firefly®3 Rescue Strobe Light is a professional grade, high quality emergency strobe light. ACR Emergency Strobe Lights are used around the world by militaries, marine operators, governments, aviators and adventurers, because they realize that ACR makes one of the best.
The compact Rapid Rescue Survival Whistle is a loud, long distance signal device suitable for alerting help. A survival whistle is a necessary item for adventurers and is added security for families while hiking, camping, boating or just enjoying the outdoors. *Select Color         High Visibility Orange         Covert Black